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Alaska Diving Packages

                          Diving in Alaska

To see more about Diving in Alaska visit our partner site at www.alaskasharks.com 

If you enjoy diving, then don't miss out on seeing the beautiful underwater world that only Alaska can offer.  There are many different animals, fish and reefs to see in Prince William Sound.  At Ravencroft, we offer different packages that fit small to large groups. 

We enjoy some of the best cold-water diving in the world! Our typical summer water temperatures reach up to 55 degrees, with winter temps dipping to 36. Visibility is best in the winter at 50-80 feet, but summer diving is more comfortable with the average visibility being around 30-40 feet. Although our temperatures become comfortable in the summer, we still recommend dry suits for our divers.

Divers can either choose to use the lodges fast and safe 30' catamaran or a larger 46' Delta dive boat.  Both make an excellent platform for diving.  However, the dive boat is setup more for big groups and is not limited to 6 guests like the 30' vessel.  The dive boat is captained by Scott Anderson, a dive instructor/Coast Guard Master who owns his own dive shop in Anchorage.  She is a 46′ Delta Charter Boat with a 14.6′ beam. The hull is heavily laid fiberglass designed to withstand the rigors of Alaskan waters. She is inspected by the US Coast Guard annually, and is certified for 20 passengers, although we limit ourselves to 12 divers. She has a self-deploying life raft, EPIRB, oxygen, first aid, and all emergency supplies on-board. All staff are CPR and first aid certified—and in many cases, are first aid instructors. The vessel has a heated cabin and on-board restroom for your comfort.  You can enjoy a warm shower aboard her or head back to the lodge that is usually close by the dive site.

There is a dive compressor at the lodge and also one on the larger dive boat.  The lodge also has fresh water at the floating dock to wash equipment for divers that launch from the dock for nearby points of interest or to swim with sharks passing through.

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Although there is a diverse aquatic eco-system, most divers will visit Ravencroft Lodge for their chance to swim with Salmon Sharks that frequent the area.  If you'd like to focus on these magnificent creatures, please let us know and we'll custom tailor a week that keeps you visiting their migratory area.  We've been helping divers for nearly 5 years, get up close and personal with these animals!  But please be advised that divers that swim with sharks do so at their own risk and are not accompanied by a dive guide.

Shark Cage Diving

We invite you to join our Alaska Lodge for a shark cage dive. Shark Cage Dives offer an exciting day of adventure, education and a whole lot of fun! This once-in-a-lifetime experience of viewing Salmon Sharks, Spiny Dogfish, Sleeper Sharks, Chum Runs in their natural habitat will leave you with memories that will last long after your visit to Alaska. We also offer services for those interested in filming their shark cage dive adventure. We offer the most exciting Shark Cage experience around and invite you and your group to our shark cage diving lodge for a truly exhilarating tour.


To see more about diving in Alaska visit our partner site at - www.alaskasharks.com   
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