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Getting to the lodge

 Since there are no roads to the Lodge, there are several different ways groups can travel to Port Fidalgo.  Guests can either choose to come by air-taxi or water-taxi, both of which are a spectacular way to see the surrounding area.   If you prefer to come by air, guests have the option to come by floatplane or helicopter.  Below are some examples and advantages of each one. 

Anchorage to Valdez, Water-Taxi to Lodge

Water-taxi's are generally what we recommend for visitors that come to the Ravencroft Lodge.  The big advantage of choosing a water-taxi is the ability to transport large amounts of cargo (fish boxes and guests).  Once in Valdez its a quick taxi ride (Yellow Cab, 907-835-2500) into town to make any quick stops in town for licenses, extra beverages or alcohol, toiletry items and then over to the dock.  Then on the return trip, transfer your gear and fish boxes back to the airport with ease.  Ravencroft offers water-taxi rates at $700 (one-way) for up to 6 guests.  For groups larger then 6 people, we work with a few local charters to assist us.  Their rates are normally slighty higher.  And for those groups that want to maximize your travel cost by taking an optional overnight fishing charter before travelling to the Lodge, let us know and we can help arrange this "add on" to your package (best for 4-6 person groups).

alaskan water taxi

Anchorage to Valdez, Helicopter to Lodge

For smaller groups of 2-3 that come light, the smooth riding Robinson R44 helicopter is the way to go.  Throughout the week we attend to overnight guests from Valdez.  This option is also available as transportation to the Lodge.  You'll want to pack light though (backpack), as there is not a lot of cargo room.  The views are not only amazing but endless!  The trip takes around 30 minutes and the helicopter is located right at the airport.  Making it an effortless transition from your commercial flight, then out to the Lodge.  Contact us or visit www.vshelicopters for more information.

Cordova and then direct to lodge

We also have a lot of guests travel to the lodge in floatplanes.  Cordova has an international airport with connecting flight to major hubs in the lower 48.  The advantage is guests can save time by skipping the Anchorage hub and fly directly to the lodge.   Many fisherman and fish boxes have flown out using floatplanes at the lodge.  But remember to travel light, as weight restrictions will need to be met.

floatplane in alaska floatplane at lodge
floatplane in prince william sound alaska floatplane

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